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globe_97981799.jpgVan Clamsfield International Ltd.’ policy of corporate social & environmental responsibility (CSR) is directed at providing a respectable level of accountability and corporate openness with regard to the realization of the organization’s corporate activities and values. In respect to the preservation of the environmental, social and economic foundations, simultaneously embedded and threatened in world-wide processes - Van Clamsfield International Ltd. believes that it should meet constituents’ needs by focusing on both our organization’s potential to contribute to societal needs as well as society’s constituents’ potential to impact our thinking and corporate decision-making process.

As a small-sized company, Van Clamsfield International Ltd.’ CSR policy is not centered around making a dramatic ecological or societal impact in itself, yet that does not prevent our organization to realize the global shared purpose of all: illuminating the human measure in our economy, environment and society. After all, in our opinion the human spirit and its power to change any outcome, is often taken-for-granted, though it remains the pivotal quality of us all. Therefore, at Van Clamsfield International Ltd. we feel it is right to responsively address and take notice of the needs of people and the planet in order to ensure that our organization’s activities will reflect an appropriate adherence to universal and intergenerational values. Please review our Responsibility Statement to assess how Van Clamsfield International Ltd. gives substance to its CSR policy.

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