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Tax Compliance

42196282-vliegtuig.jpgTax Compliance refers to the management of organizations’ tax burden and the subsequent correct payment of taxation obligations. The mission in this regard is to derive the feasible options in the international tax arena for a specific firm from the governing bilateral tax treaties and jurisprudence and translate this to the national fiscal system and its relevant opportunities with respect to the particular firm. The interdependencies as well as the restrictions to the interaction between issues of international tax law, European tax law, and local tax law, need to be completely known for an organization to make dependable well-informed decisions and to ensure they comply with (inter-)national fiscal regulations.

“Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.”

Alexander the Great (356BC – 323BC), Leader

To this end, Van Clamsfield International Ltd. assists organizations by:

  1. Providing relevant, timely and up-to-date information about the taxation compliance conditions;
  2. Integrated software, which secures all tax compliance requirements are met;
  3. Van Clamsfield International Ltd. is awarded with the Dutch government certificate of the internationally recognized standard business reporting (SBR) for intermediaries, which allows for encrypted and therefore safe communication and transfer of financial data (in XBRL-format) with the IRS, financial institutions, the Chamber of Commerce and the Central Agency of Statistics in the Netherlands.
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